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Structural Roof Deck Panels

Tectum Structural Roof Deck Systems are the most logical choice for acoustical control available. Tectum Roof Deck Panels provide a number of cost-effective advantages, including ease-of-installation, a nailable top surface for direct application of the roof, and an abuse-resistant, acoustical-textured interior finish, all in one easy-to-install panel. Labor costs are kept to a minimum. These Class A rated panels are specified for all major model codes from the East Coast to the West Coast.
Tectum Inc. has the right product for your noise problem. Our reputation for acoustical solutions in the commercial and institutional construction industries is well respected. With over 50 years experience in reducing noise worldwide, Tectum Inc. specializes in acoustic panels that are both abuse and impact resistant.
Easy to work with and install, Tectum panels and systems are cost effective and require little maintenance. They are available in natural, white or custom-painted finishes, and are field-paintable up to six times.
Tectum products are cementitious wood fiber acoustical panels composed of aspen wood fibers (excelsior) bonded with an exclusive inorganic hydraulic cement and are formed by a continuous process under heat and pressure. All of our products carry a Class A/1 interior finish rating for flame and smoke. In addition, all Tectum products are "green" because they are manufactured using only renewable wood and other sustainable raw materials. A silicone treatment to the panel resists water and water migration. There are no urea formaldehydes or CFCs in any Tectum product.
With various edge treatments, Tectum panels are used as the substrate for all Tectum roof deck systems. Tectum roof plank panels have T&G long edges and square ends. Plank is
designed to span structural supports. Tectum roof tile systems have rabbeted long edges and either square or T&G ends. Tiles span between structural tees. Tees span between

Roof Deck Products

Tectum I

Tectum I is typically used in low-slope applications and provides a thermal barrier for field-applied foam plastics. It is compatible with virtually all roof installation materials. Underside exposed joints have attractive beveled edges. LS (long span) panels are available with steel channel reinforcement. The Tectum I Roof Deck System consists of standard Tectum panels in either plank or tile configurations.

Tectum I Roof Deck Plank And Long Span Plank:

Tectum Roof Plank with a T&G edge is available in all Tectum roof deck systems. Tectum Long Span Plank, available only in Tectum I panel, uses a 16-gauge galvanized steel channel for increased spans. These products are applicable to flat and pitched roofs.

Tectum Roof Deck – Lightweight Insulating Concrete:

The Tectum Roof Deck – LWIC System uses Tectum roof plank and tile to provide a unique and structural substrate for LWIC (Lightweight Insulating Concrete) topping. This system can be used over steel or wood structural systems. The porous nature of Tectum decks allows the LWIC to dry from the underside of the LWIC slurry. The result is a structural, acoustical deck with permanent insulation. The deck can be reroofed without costly replacement and disposal of the existing insulation.
This roof deck system has proven to be long lasting and economical for flat and low-slope roof decks. It is an ideal solution in areas where higher allowable shear values are required.

Tectum E

The Tectum E roof deck panel is a composite of a 1½” or thicker Tectum substrate, EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation and 7/16“ OSB sheathing with a slip-resistant surface. Components are bonded with code-listed structural adhesives. The EPS core exceeds the requirements of ASTM C-578 Type I and bears the UL classification mark.

Tectum III

The Tectum III roof deck panel is a composite of a 1½" or thicker Tectum substrate, Dow Styrofoam® brand XPS (extruded polystyrene) insulation 1½" to 8" thick and 7/16" OSB (oriented strand board) sheathing with a slip-resistant surface. Components are bonded with code-listed structural adhesives. Tectum III panels are typically used in sloped applications where insulation and a nailable surface are required.