Concrete Pouring


Project Name-UNM School of Architecture & Planning
Details-Approximately 45,000 Square Feet of Tapered Perlite Light Weight Insulating Concrete over 1-1/2" metal deck. The design of this project utilized raw structures and natural finishes. Some materials were exposed from the inside, including the underside of the metal deck. Utilizing LWIC, which requires no fasteners penetrating the deck, it made for a more asthetically pleasing exposed ceiling. LWIC has high Sound Transmission (STC) Ratings which also helps cut down interior noise inside a building. LWIC also reduced the cost of materials and labor that other tapered roof systems incurr. This saved time and money.

Project Name-Austin Bluffs Interchange - Colorado Springs, CO
Details-This project consisted of framing, forming, and pouring approximately 1700 cubic yards of Elastizell Engineered Fill. Because of the shape, size, and difficulty of this project, elastizell EF was the right choice. each lift was framed and poured seperately and had to withstand flood waters in the adjacent ditch.

Project Name-Hodgin Elementary School - Albuquerque, NM
Details-Re-Roof project utilizing Perlite-type Light Weight Insulating Concrete over a temporary roof. Perlite Insulating Concrete installs faster and typically costs less than conventional rigid insulation methods. Per this Re-Roof Project the Perlite Insulating Concrete provided positive slope, high Insulating Values, and installed with minimal disruption to the schools facilities and occupants durring the construction of the new roof system.

Project Name-Hershler Plaza - Cheyenne, WY
Details-This project was a renovatiion an existing plaza in Cheyenne, WY. The renovation included reconfiguring the plaza layout and resloping the plaza to drain. The plaza is over an underground parking structure so weight was a concern. Lightweight insulating concrete was utilized by resloping the plaza to new and existing drains, filling planters and voids, and load reduction over the undergroud structure. LWIC was poured in place and now supports the new plaza pavers and structural concrete that is the new plaza.

Project Name-Grant Middle School - Albuquerque, NM
Details-This project was an new building at an existing school. The roof structure consisted of 3" Tectum plank and an R-38 Perlite Insulating Concrete over the Tectum. The combination of Tectum and LWIC is the ultimate "GREEN" system! Tectum has a prefinished underside that is left exposed and makes for a beutiful natural finish im the interior of the building.This gives a very modern/industrial look to the buildings interior. Tectum and LWIC is a sustainable roof insulation and structure that will last the life of the building.

Project Name-Berrendo Middle School - Roswell, NM
Details-Re-Roof project located in Roswell, NM. Approximately 70,000 square feet of Lightweight Insulating Concrete. The existing roof deck had alot of depressions and was uneven. Some areas were structurally sloped at 1/8\" per 12\" and the overall design called for a minimum 1/4\" per 12\" slope. LWIC slurry bond coat correscts deformities in the substrate and uniform positive slope is economically achieved.