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MEARCRETE - Cellular Concrete LLC.

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Cellular Concrete LLC makes the task of adding long-lasting load reduction quick and easy with low density concrete. Cellular concrete can be produced quickly and easily on site by mixing a preformed foam into a Portland cement slurry. It can be installed at rates of more than 100 cubic yards per hour, has excellent workability, and typically sets in the same time as normal concrete. 

Ranges of use for MEARLCRETE EF:

  • Replaces unstable soil to reduce subsistence of roadways, bridge ramps, buildings and other structures.

  • Backfill (annular grout) for tunnels, water lines and sewers.

  • Provides shock absorption in earthquake zones.

  • Reduces loads above underground structures.

  • Fills voids within silos, abandoned mines, underground tanks and pipelines.

  • Reduces hydrostatic pressure on retaining walls.

Features of MEARLCRETE EF:

  • Lightweight

  • Inert

  • High Slump (virtually self-leveling)

  • Broad range of densities and compressive strengths

  • Excellent freeze-thaw resistance

  • Low water absorption and low permeability

  • Insulating


  • Provides insulation (can contain up to 80% air)

  • Rapid installation

  • Economical load reduction versus alternatives to cellular concrete

  • Long-lasting and stable

  • Places easily by pump or gravity

  • Positive fill (flows to fill all spaces available)

  • Absorbs shock waves