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Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) Roof Decks

Embasy Suites - LWIC Roof Deck -  Albuquerque, NM Herschler Plasza - LWIC Plaza Deck - Cheyenne, WY Santa Fe Indian School - LWIC Roof Deck - Santa Fe, NM

ConDeck Corporation is a certified applicator of numerous Lightweight Insulating Concrete Manufacturers. ConDeck roof decks are recognized by leading roofing manufacturers as a preferable substrate for most roofing applications. LWIC is superior to other rigid roof insulations. LWIC is a cost-effective and time saving solution for your roofing and re roofing needs. LWIC has the ability to fast track a project and has many FM, UL and STC ratings over any substrate. LWIC is a sustainable roof insulation that lasts for the life of the building. When a re-roof is required you do not have to replace the insulation, as the EPS is fully encapsulated and protected within the LWIC.

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Tectum Roof Deck

Duranes Elementary School - Tectum E - Albuquerque, NM Aztec Library - Tect E Roof Deck - Aztec, NM Kirtland Elementary - Tectum I Plank W/ Tapered LWIC Roof Deck-  Albuquerque, NM
ConDeck is certified and fully trained by Tectum Inc. to install Structural Roof Deck Panels. Where noise is a challenge, Tectum roof deck systems offer a solution that is attractive, proven, tough and recommended by acoustical consultants everywhere. Tectum structural roof decks combine beauty and performance in a way no other acoustical product can.    
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Engineered Fills

Austin Bluffs - Engineered Fill - Colorado Springs, COConDeck provides an array of Engineered Fills. Engineered Fills are site mixed and pumped where required. We specialize in engineered backfill, pipe abandonment, pipeline grouting and slip-lined pipe applications as well as bridge approaches, roadway fills, weight reducing foundation mats, plaza deck projects and lightweight pervious concrete.
Elastizell Melcrete
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Metal Deck
Steel Deck Racks - ConDeck Corporation - Albuquerque, NM

ConDeck is a regional source for metal deck and metal deck accessories. In-stock items include many profiles of painted, galvanized, and acoustical metal deck. We can accomodate any size order, cut to length, with same day delivery service. 




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