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Celcore Inc.

Celcore Light Weight Insulating Concrete
For New Construction & Re-Roof Applications

The Product

Basic Use: Celcore, Celcore MF Foam Concentrates are mixed with water and generated into preformed foam for addition to a cement/water slurry mixture to create a closed cell cellular concrete of a specific density. Typical air-dry densities are in the range of 28 - 40 pcf. Oven dry densities are in the range of 24 - 38 pcf. Celcore Cellular Insulating
Concretes are a key component of a Celcore Cellular Insulating Roof Deck System. Celcore systems may be used in conjunction with expanded polystyrene board to produce a thermally efficient, fire rated, Underwriter s Laboratories Approved, Factory Mutual Approved, South Florida, and ICBO Approved insulation assemblies.

Celcore Cellular Concretes can be poured over non-vented substrates including some existing roof membranes in reroofing applications, galvanized steel deck form non-vented or vented 0.50%, opening precast concrete, or poured-in-place structural concrete. Celcore s monolithic insulating concrete roof deck fills placed over metal deck form can be designed into structures as shear diaphragms. These composite systems provide good resistance to shear forces, which may result from wind or seismic activity. Shear diaphragms provide bracing to the structures they cover acting to transfer and distribute an active load force throughout the structure.

Celcore and Celcore MF Foam Concentrate are non-corrosive, non-hazardous, and readily biodegradable. It is packaged in (5) gallon pails and displays the UL, FMRC, ICBO, and Metro Dade mark on the product label. Celcore Roof Insulation is a superb product to use in meeting the World s environmental concerns.

Celcore roof insulations will accommodate most attachment methods for all roof membrane systems. This includes, but is not limited to nailing directly to the Celcore insulation with base ply fasteners, perforated base sheet spot attachment with hot asphalt, ballasted single ply and fully adhered for single ply, adhesives include water base, contact and urethane adhesives.